Aluminum Gaming Mouse Pad

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The Aluminum Gaming Mouse Pad brings you a smooth experience when browsing the web, editing videos, playing games, working & study. Smooth aluminum finish for great mouse performance to ensure smooth sliding and precise mouse positioning for great mouse performance. Micro sand blasting surface with quick and accurate control. Sturdy Construction: Our aluminum mouse pad is a highly stylish mouse padmade of aluminum. This aluminum mouse pad features a sleek design that particularly complements Macs, Macbooks, iMacs, and Mac Minis. The curved edges won't catch on sleeves or other items. The slick surface of this mouse pad allows for quick and accurate control of your ball, optical, or laser mouse. Smoothly glide a mouse across the surface without interruption or drag. Experience enhanced control of minimal mouse movement, high velocity movement, and mouse commands.

Adapts to A Variety of Scenarios:
The pad is smooth, flat, and rigid. So you can easily use in the bed, on the sofa, or even on a soft blanket. This pad will give you a firm surface to use your mouse on! 

For Your Health: 
The edges are smoothed down so that it doesn’t cut or hurt. It’s easy to clean and thus low bacteria. Offers a cool surface. It’s sleek and clean look really makes your desk look so much better

Good for Travel: 
Great to take along when traveling because it provides a hard surface for your mouse when you can’t find one. Slim Design and light, make it easy to carry. Slides easily into a lap case without taking up very much space. Classy and fashionable, great match with Macbook's and Mac laptops


  • Shape: Round or rectangle
  • Size: 9.45" x 6.69: x 0.11" / 24cm x 17cm x 0.3cm
  • Material: Aluminum alloy + rubber
  • Color: Black, Silver, Gold & Rose Gold


Package Includes:

1 x Aluminum Gaming Mouse Pad


Note: Accessories are NOT included in the sale ie. mouse, laptop. The color of the item may vary slightly due to your monitor and light brightness