Dog Abstract- Painting By Numbers Kit

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DIY Painting By Numbers kit is an ideal introduction to the pleasures of painting, regardless of experience or age. It is the perfect first step for the beginners to enjoy the painting artwork! Simply apply the numbered colors in the blanks with the same number on canvas to create your own masterpiece. It offers all the basic painting skills, a sense of accomplishment and amusement. It will be your own masterpiece for collection! This superb painting by numbers kit can even be framed to make a fantastic picture for your wall


  • Custom designed for those true aspired artists
  • Choice of either; unframmed canvas kit or frammed canvas kit
  • Canvas size: 16" x 20" / 40cm x 50cm (approx)
  • DIY oil paintings by number, a fun an easy way to paint just like the professionals do
  • Simply follow the numbers to the assigned color to create your work of art
  • Custom kit has been specially designed to include everything you need to create a special masterpiece 


TWO CHOICES (CHOOSE FROM THE DROPDOWN MENU) Canvas size: 16" x 20" / 40cm x 50cm (approx)



Each Kit Include's:
2 x screw
1 x set paints
2 x Non-trace hook
3 x Paintbrush (1x large,1 x medium,1 x small)
1 x Canvas 16" x 20" / 40cm x 50cm (approx)
NOTE: Paints when left open for long periods can dry quickly. When not in use please cover the paints to avoid pigment drying and harding. If paints do dry a little, add  1 to 2 drops light agent or water in the paint, stir well