Freddy GreenThumb Garden Gloves

$16.95 $33.90


The Freddy GreenThumb garden gloves will make digging and planting easier and fun! It's flexible and ergonomic design makes handing large to small items or objects simple. Made out of durable and puncture resistant material, these gloves will protect your hands and also prevent cuts and blisters. The high density ABS plastic claws will instantly replace most hand tools, saving you precious time! To clean simply rinse under water or use detergent (gloves are waterproof). One size fits most


  • Color: Green
  • Size: 24cm x 12 cm
  • Usage: Gardening
  • Waterproof: Yes
  • Thickness: Medium
  • Material: Rubber+Polyester + ABS Plastic
  • Weight Per Glove: 70g (without claw) - 100g (with claw)
  • Contents: 1 Pair (left hand glove without claw & right hand glove with claw)