LED Cabinet Hinge Light Packs

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The Soft Close LED Cabinet Hinge Lights will attach to any cabinet with a door hinge. An intelligent induction, they are simple and easy to install, taking 30 seconds or less to mount. Portable, lightweight and compact in size, they throw out more than enough light, so you no longer need to take a flashlight out when trying to find something in your cabinet! Battery life can be used for up to one year in normal conditions
Once your Soft Close LED Cabinet Hinge Lights are installed and battery has been fitted, the LED will automatically be activated. So, whenever you open your cabinet door, the soft close hydraulic leaver which is built into the device, gets activated and will automatically switch on and light up your cabinet. To turn your Soft Close LED Cabinet Light OFF, all you need to do is simply close your cabinet door, and it will automatically power OFF, it's that easy!
The Soft Close LED Cabinet Hinge Lights can be used anywhere you have a cabinet door with a hinge. Some places in your home- kitchen, office or hotel's cabinet, closet, cupboard or wardrobe with hinge!
  • Color: Grey
  • Material: ABS
  • Color Temp of Light: White (5600k-6500k)
  • LED Quantity: 3pcs per light SMD3528
  • Power Supply: 23A 12V battery (not included)
  • Functions: Auto switch in cabinet ON / OFF 


How to Install:

  1. Using a screw driver, undo the screws of the hinge that is attached to your cabinet door 
  2. Get your 'mounting bracket' and fit to your cabinet door hinge with fix screw
  3. Place a 23A 12V battery into your Soft Close LED Cabinet Hinge Light (this will automatically turn ON as soon as you insert the battery)
  4. Attach your Soft Close LED Cabinet Hinge Light onto your mounting bracket that is attached to your cabinet door hinge and give it a light tap so it fits securely into place. You are done! Your Soft Close LED Cabinet Lights are installed. Remember to close your door after you have finished as it will automatically turn OFF once closed



  • 10 x Soft Close LED Cabinet HingeLights
  • 10 x Mounting Brackets
  • 10 x Fix screws


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