LED Light Glove

$19.95 $39.90

Left or Right

The LED light glove is an extremely handy tool that can make full liberation of your hands for when you simply need light, no need for your mate to hold the torch for you anymore. Uses for this could be when you are in a tight spot, and you need light to focus on a particular subject. They make great tools when you are fishing and / or repairing objects in dark places. Available in either LEFT or RIGHT (sold separately) the LED light glove have easy, accessible ON / OFF button showcasing two LED lights per glove (one situated on the thumb, the other on forefinger) which are powered by 2 button batteries (included). The LED light glove are comfortable stretched neoprene material, with with adjustable straps to fit you hand like a glove! 


  • Type: Pocket, Multi Tools
  • Colour: Black
  • Feature: Waterproof 
  • Material: Spandex + cotton
  • Size: Forefinger 4.5cm / 1.77” (approx)
  • Size: Thumb 3.5cm / 1.38” (approx)
  • Size: Distance between two fingers 7cm / 2.76” (approx)        
  • Contents: 1 x Led light glove (please choose either left or right)