Solar Powered Fountain Kit

$29.95 $59.90


The Solar Powered Water Fountain Kit includes attachments that are easy to assemble, comes with different spray heads for different water patterns (different height of the water flow). The Solar Powered Fountain Pump is driven directly by the sunlight, the height of water flow depends entirely on the strength of sunlight, place the unit in an unobstructed area of sunlight to get best working results (no shadow or cloud). It's highly efficient solar panel, requires no battery or electricity saving energy and more importantly money!


  • Color: Black
  • Solar panel: 7V/1.4W
  • Life Span: >10,000 hours
  • Brushless pump input: DC 4.5-10V
  • DC Brushless Pump Power: 0.8W
  • Solar panel diameter: 6.3" / 16cm
  • Max water flow height: 18" / Regular:10~15"
  • Max pump flow: 40gallons/H
  • Min water depth in fountain: 1 3/4"
Package includes:
  • 1 x Solar pump
  • 1 x Nozzle Base
  • 1 x Connection Head
  • 1 x Filter
  • 1 x Outlet
  • 3 x Spray head



  • Be sure to there is sufficient amount of water in the fountain, especially on sunny days

  • Ensure the pump is alway below the surface of the water

  • Keep the surface of solar panel clean because the pump maybe clogged by small particles of soil, algae or other debris

  • The pump will continuously work only when there is sufficient sunlight

  • Peel off the plastic film protector before using for the first time

  • The pump is full of air during first time use. Once water runs through the pump, it will begin to work normally

  • DO NOT pre-charge the fountain in the sun. The fountain does not require charging. If it is placed in the sun without being in water the pump will be damaged.