The Pancake Muffin Helper

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Baking has always been a chaotic process and it takes up so much time to clean up those messes before you can even enjoy your own baked treats. Now you can minimize both the wastage and messes in your kitchen with The Pancake Muffin Helper. This marvellous product is made for all the baker lovers out there, you can now distribute your batter with precision and ease without ever spilling or making a mess in your kitchen! Hey you could even get the kids to help out!


What makes The Pancake Muffin Helper superior?

  • The trigger pull design allows the exact amount of batter you want on your baking tray

  • Has durable transparent plastic with measuring mark to gauge your batter usage

  • Product is made with high quality BPA-free plastic & dishwasher safe

  • Can practically dispense anything that is semi-liquid/cream/batter type

  • Great item for baking cupcakes, pancakes, waffles, muffins, pancakes, doughnuts and also a great tool to dispense sauce on your pizza!

  • Size Height: 7.22" / 18.5cm
    Diameter of top opening: 3.9" / 10cm (approx)
    Capacity: 30.43oz / 900ml 
    Color: Clear & purple